Criminal Law

In 2013, BUFETE CASTRO PIZAÑA, S.C. reborn as a boutique Law Firm specialized in litigation and consultancy in criminal law, corporate compliance in the prevention of money laundering, crime prevention and anti-corruption, in accordance with the new accusatory criminal justice system in Mexico.

Experience and leadership. As a leader Law Firm that generates added value for its clients, we provide legal knowledge in order to generate the best possible legal solutions with ethics, integrity and excellent results.


• Representation of victims or offenders in the commission of crimes through the submission of criminal complaints, as well as legal advice in all kinds of judicial proceedings, including appeals in all Mexico.

• Representation of suspects or accused in the commission of crimes, and legal entities, for the lack of controls for the prevention of crimes, in all stages of the procedure, judicial remedies and even in appeal trials in all Mexico.

• Consultations and issuance of legal opinions related to criminal matters, prevention of money laundering and the prevention of both local and federal crimes; training in connection with the new Criminal Justice System and counseling for the proper interpretation of legal provisions and criteria regarding criminal matters.

• Counseling for the correct corporate compliance in issues of prevention of money laundering, prevention of acts related to corruption and crime prevention according to the Accusatorial Criminal Justice System in Mexico, as well as for the proper implementation of the compliance programs related to criminal matters.

• Design, implementation and monitoring of compliance programs related to criminal issues emanated from the analysis of criminal risks, compliance guidebooks, policies, procedures, prevention controls, mitigation actions, training of employees and directors and for the prevention of related companies operation crimes and avoiding criminal responsibility for them.